In EDENSOL DANMARC SL, we work to offer services tailored to the needs of our clients in the fields of education, research, and new technologies.

To make it possible, we have a group of experts specialized in education and pedagogy, psychology, social science, information technology, and communication.

We design and develop educational programmes paying special attention to the use of new innovative technologies and digital strategies to enhance the personal and professional growth of our students. Our priority is to reinforce skills of our adult learners, such as leadership, digital and communication competences, creativity aiming to improve their occupation. We offer different learning opportunities, including foreign language courses, digital tools and international markets customized to the needs of our students.

We believe it is important that the enterprises and the institutions have knowledge and necessary skills to satisfy the demand of the customers, citizens and communities in general. In order to get that, we provide training courses, organize conferences (for the educators and for students) and carry out the research in the field of education, social well-being and sustainability – energy applied at home, industry, commerce and transport as well as wider concepts like Smart Cities.

In the area of programme and project management, EDENSOL has developed an innovative methodology in marketing planning, digital tools and communication strategies in the social networks. Thus, we guarantee that the individuals and the partners of our projects have an access to effective tools, working environments and necessary equipment for efficient implementation of the work programmes.


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