Since 2014, we have been involved in the design and management of different types of EU educational programmes, such as Erasmus+ (Strategical partnership, mobility, capacity building and political reform programmes) for young people and adults.

In addition to participating in international programmes as partners and coordinators, we also develop management, advisory and follow-up tasks for all those users who are interested in international projects, through specific or permanent collaboration agreements.


Creating a continuous supportive learning environment for the 45+, low-educated and low skilled-adults.

project n. 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081775

Project description

The main objective of this project is to train adult educators that work with low-educated and low-skilled adults to motivate their students to improve their basic skills, including reading and writing, arithmetic applied to daily life and technology.

The direct target group is educators who work with low-educated and low-skilled adult learners, and the indirect target group is elderly adults with a low educational level.


- To go deeper into the limitations and new needs detected during the implementation of LearnersMot and to continue working to motivate low-educated adults to continue learning.

Intellectual Outputs

  1. Online course for adult educators.

  2. Mobile APP with activities to improve basic skills, such as reading and writing, calculation applied to daily life, problem solving and communication.

  3. LearnersMot Gym, which consists of a collection of resources for adult educators on motivation strategies, learning techniques, content creation, evaluation methods and the use of ICT tools in adult education.

  4. There will also be a training for educators, in which the developed products developed will be piloted. Educators who have participated in the training activity will organise local workshops in their country to disseminate the knowledge gained


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How to Trigger Primary Motivation for Learning in Low-educated Adults using ICT Tools

project n. 2017 -1-ES01-1-KA204 –038414

The LearnersMot project aims to work together with adult educators, providing them with the necessary skills to be able to trigger the primary motivation for learning in low-educated and low-skilled adults.

For this purpose, an online learning environment has been created to update the professional competences of adult educators. To make these tools accessible to an international audience, an open educational platform has been created, comprising interactive resources for adult educators and other professionals in English and the partners' languages. This platform includes:

  1. An interactive package for educators, consisting of two parts:
    1. A resource library, with strategies for literacy, motivation, teaching and learning.
    2. A collection of good practices on teaching basic skills to different groups of adults with low levels of education.
  2. An interactive online handbook with already existing motivation strategies used by educators working with low-educated and low-skilled adults.
  3. A blended learning course, which consists of three parts:
    1. 3 webinars developed by expert educators.
    2. An ICT toolkit
    3. An online course for educators

The project will encourage and provide the basis for highly specialized national and international cooperation in the field of professional skills of adult educators and their learning.

Starting date: 01.11.2017 – Ending date: 31.12.19

Duration of the Project: 26 months

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