For more than 15 years, EDENSOL has created synergies with public and private sector institutions in order to solve the current challenges of the energy industry.

Our advice, analysis, program design and management experience make us to continue working to shape the future of the energy industry. Our energy experts are trained to deal with a wide range of energy challenges through:

· Design and implementation of energy efficiency programs

· Development of capital investment strategies

· Evaluation of the value of distributed energy resources (DER)

· Compliance with legal regulations, requirements and the creation and planning of strategic opportunities through the Rethinking network.

Today, both the appropriate use of technology and the creation of corresponding infrastructures are necessary to achieve the goals of a clean and sustainable industry. That is why our professionals considers it when they should give recommendations or technological solutions.

Based on deep analysis capabilities, our advisory services help our users to make risk management more efficient and make better decisions. That is why we use our own analytical methods and tools, which guarantee our clients a high performance and labour evolution.


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