EDENSOL offers learning and organization solutions that help our users improve the training of their workers and volunteers, increase the productivity and efficiency of the processes and programs they developed. In the context of rapid technological changes, large-scale recessions, budget constraints and increasing demands for transparency in remuneration, EDENSOL offers its users strategic advice.

Our specialists apply their required skills and experience to achieve goals and measurable performance improvements.

We work together with public entities, private companies and non-profit organizations to find practical solutions that consist of:

· Increase organizational effectiveness

· Improve strategic planning and organizational processes

· Develop leadership

· Promote employee engagement in evaluation and organization

· Measure performance and individual improvements

· Create programs of recruitment, selection, retention and certification of competencies.

We have achieved high results in these areas using interdisciplinary team members for industrial and organizational psychologists, game experts, instructional system designers, computer and human resource technicians, and organizational development specialists who have experience in continuous practice research. Our latest offers include:

· Cyber ​​workforce: staff analysis, planning and training of cyber leaders.

· Dynamic learning: through programs that create a long-term behaviour change.

· Training of analysts based on data internal and external to the organization to visualize information and decisions about the workforce.

· Managing digital change and improving CIO processes of organizational resources, helping CIOs to attract, retain and develop qualified staff.


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